What Causes Lower Back Pain

Several conditions and ailments can cause lower back pain. It can also be a symptom of a certain disease or complication in some internal body organs. Physical injuries and poor walking, sitting and sleeping postures can also contribute to lower back pain. Damage on back muscles and bones can result in back pain. Although back pain disappears after sometimes, it is essential to seek lower back treatment if the pain persists or if you suspect it to be a symptom of another ailment. Ignoring back pain can have detrimental effects on the health of a person and it can result in instability and movement problems.

Various injuries can cause lower back pain and they require different types of treatment. For instance, lower back strain treatment is different from spinal joints dislocation treatment. Wrong treatment for lower back pain can have detrimental effects on the patient. This includes developing more back complications, taking a long time to heal completely and continue with normal routine activities. Sometime lower back pain can cause disability. Ordinarily, soft-tissue injuries and mechanical injuries cause lower back pain. Some of these injuries include back nerve roots pressure, dislocation of spinal joints, twists of back muscles, damage of the hipbone and damage of inter-vertebral discs among others.

A disc bulge is a common cause of lower back pain among old people and those that participate in physical activities such as lifting. Lower back-disc bulge treatment involves several activities that include the use of medicines and physical therapy services. Resting for a few days (2-4 days) can help to relieve pain caused by fatigue from strenuous activities such as lifting heavy loads. Some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can also help to relieve lower back pain. Sometimes an Epidural steroid injection is necessary to ease pain in the case of severe lower back pain. Physical therapy offers the best type of lower back strain treatment. However, you need to get help from a qualified physiotherapist to avoid causing more harm to your back.

There are several factors to consider when looking for physiotherapy services for lower back treatment at Dublin Physiotherapy Clinic They include cost; qualification and ability to offer customized services and proximity to the service provider. Walking or driving long distances can cause more harm to your back. Therefore, it is prudent to look for a therapist that is near your place. Home-based therapy services are even better. The cost of lower back treatment varies from one service provider to another. Therefore, it is prudent to consider therapists who charge low prices for quality physical therapy services. The therapist’s qualification is also a crucial factor to consider when looking for lower back-disc bulge treatment. Back pain is a sensitive condition and unqualified therapists can cause serious or permanent back conditions.

Lower back pain should not worry you as long as it is not caused by other ailments or serious physical injuries. It is common to experience mild back pain after strenuous activity or after sitting for a long time. Old people also experience lower back pain more often than young people do. However, it is good to get early screening and lower back treatment if the pain persists.