UWELL Caliburn G Kit – Review

The Uwell Caliburn G Pod is designed for those that are serious about their e-liquid. The Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit comes with a selection of pre-cut coils, enabling the vaper to fit the coiled pod to their personal Vaporizer style. The Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit does not come with a glass tank, but is compatible with tanks that are similar. The Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit comes standard with three pre-cut, pre-filled, air blast ceramic coils.

The body of the unit is made from ballistic nylon and is extremely lightweight and portable. The body has an adjustable airflow system and a patented tension control for the perfect airflow without being overworked. There are also interchangeable airflow control clamps at the base of the unit, which are useful when changing the airflow and making adjustments to the resistance. The dual airflow systems ensure that the user always has a constant flow of e-liquid, and there are five removable coils available for use with this model.

The Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit comes with two different ways to fill the system, the first being the non-fill system. For users that prefer to do without a coil and are satisfied with the taste of the pre-filled coils this is the way to go. Simply add your pre-filled coil to this system and you are ready to go. For those that want to mix and match their flavours this is where the fun comes in as you can choose a flavour from either the included flavour chips or the ones that can be purchased separately.

The second way to fill the unit is the rebuildable coil system. For users that like to have control over how their vapour is produced this is the way to go. To build your own flavour system simply add two additional batteries and then place the included rebuildable coil into the unit. This gives you control over the amount of flavour produced.

The UWELL Caliburn G pod kit is small and compact, and can easily be carried around wherever you are going. The rechargeable batteries come in handy and are very easy to change. It doesn’t take up much space either. The charging system is quick and easy too. A power chord comes with the kit and it is compatible with all normal batteries including most of those that UWELL sell on the market.

The built-in six 90mm calibre barrel heater is also extremely efficient when it comes to temperature control. The Caliburn flavour system can be adjusted according to your preference. Many vapers enjoy the pleasantly cool vapour that is created from this unit, which is made from UWELL’s proprietary Caliburn flavour system and not only is it extremely efficient but the entire system is extremely easy to operate, so vapers will find this a breeze to use yet lightweight at the same time.

The UWELL Caliburn G pod offers extremely low emissions and a smooth smoking process. A pre-installed propane or natural gas adapter is required to take advantage of this feature. There are also no noticeable burnt taste or odour when using this Pod Kit. The heat exchanger within the unit ensures that any kind of fluid that is utilised will remain below the boiling point, so there is no danger of damaging the ceramic coils inside. The unique and innovative glass pattern in the unit allows for a dual level of heat regulation, meaning that you get maximum flavour production from every coil, with the end result being a clean, constant and efficient smoking experience.

With such outstanding quality and style, UWELL Caliburn G Pod Kit really does have everything that a vaper could possibly want. You can choose between two variable voltage options, and the electronic components are incredibly sleek and functional.

You get extremely low heat generation and superb flavor with the unique glass patterned exterior, and even though the internal components are extremely efficient, they are surprisingly lightweight for such a large device. For an incredible compact package,

UWELL have incorporated a number of safety locking precautions, so that you don’t have to be worry about dropping this baby while out travelling. UWELL Caliburn G Podcast Kit comes in three variants, the Pod model being able to fit in the palm of your hand, and the larger Pod variant needing the use of a USB stick to attach to the side of your pocket.