vlaknene fasadne plošče

Types of Facade Systems

The term Façade means to the exterior or front face of the building. Majority of the people use the Façade systems for decorating the roof and the exterior walls of their building structure. It works with the basic barrier against extreme weather conditions like scorching heat, sun, wind, snow, and rain. These things are harmful to the health of the building structure. It is very important to select a wonderful material and façade systems. It helps to protect the building to achieve the goal of low energy consumption. This factor decreases the repair and maintenance cost and improves comfort for the residents. There are different types of this system for the exterior walls. It is utilized in the architecture of the building construction.

Types of façade systems

There is a wide variety of items that come in this grouping. These facade panel systems are very easy to use in the multi-story buildings. These items have great demand in the construction industry. These are available at the economical rates. Some of the important materials are given below

  • Steel and Glass
  • Weathertight veneer, large boards
  • Stone and tiles veneer panels
  • Metallic cladding
  • Insulated render
  • Precast concrete
  • Curtain walling
  • Stonework and brickwork

Some other properties of these items are given below.

Steel and glass

This is a lightweight material that offers beautiful looks, but it is not good for durability. Steel and glass come in this category that is used to clad. The panel façade and curtain are the two categories. The lightweight material offers easy installation and offers an appealing look to the building. These are used for office buildings.

Stone and tiles

Both have their unique properties and many common people have different misconceptions in their minds regarding which kind of stone is best for their use. Stone tops are always recommended because they are easy to handle for example washing them is not a hard job and in extra, they give a lavish look to your place. You need to choose the best type of stone for your needs which will also complete your wish for a beautiful finish to your living place. Tiles increase the beauty of the exterior. These are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

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Weathertight veneer, large boards

The majority of the people use this type of material for decorating the exterior of the building because it saves the building from the harms of the weather. There is a craze of using green facade systems because these are great for the environment and the people surrounding the building. Yes, this material is eco-friendly. Natural or green material is what nature has given to us with no impurities from the human hands. They are 100 percent naturally produced. They are available in different places all over the world. The color and the quality depend on the place they have been imported from. Natural or green items are one of their kinds and there is nothing like them available.