Amazing Vape Mods that’ll Blow Your Mind

Vaping devices have come a long way since they first entered the market with the need to gain that extra edge over the norm providing an insatiable hunger for new alterations which are cropping up almost by the day. If you are in search of something hip and cool, then you’re in luck as we’ve rounded up some awesome vape mods for the year that is:

1) SMOK Devilkin
As swanky as ever, SMOKtech continues its tradition of colour playfulness with the Devilkin which is the latest mod from the company’s illustrious conveyor belt. It fulfils expectations with a pair of 18650 batteries which provide extended vaping between charges and also meets needs in terms of safe vaping for which it is greatly lauded. The device comes with an OLED display screen, 1.3-inch in size, and boasts commendable power totalling to 225 watts.

2) Vaporesso Swag
The Vaporesso Swag might fall short with regards to power- just 80 watts of it available- compared to other members of this list but it exudes an unmatched contemporary flair as you’ve probably deduced from its name. A 0.91-inch OLED for battery and efficiency depiction serves to downplay its shortcomings as does its ability to upgrade the underlying firmware.

3) Vapour 2 Trinity
Looking up the best vape mods for sale will lead to many compilations but you’ll hardly find this baby ever missing from any. V2, the company behind Trinity, has amassed a sterling reputation for compact sub-ohm kits with great portability and effectiveness and this apple has not fallen far from that tree. Nickel, Titanium, or Stainless Steels can be used with this model courtesy of the adept “temperature control” mode.

4) Halo Reactor Mega
The term ?Mega’ implies immense power and that is certainly the case with the Halo Reactor which trumps most of its rivals on that account. Its massive 5000mAh and flawless Temperature Control mode are of a head-nodding calibre as well but what’s most impressive is the remarkable Smart Mode. This gives the Halo excellent versatility keeping in memory the setups of up to 10 different tank configurations.

5) Geek Vape Blade
The Geek Vape offers much in the way of the right kind of nerdiness blending “non-conventional” colours to realize a device with a blazing 235 wattage to go with a stainless-fibreglass construction and a sub-ohm Aero tank. If you already have a couple of vaping batteries stored away, you’ll be glad to hear that it accepts a variety of options including 21700, 20700, and dual 18650 batteries.

6) Kanger Subox
Taking sub-ohm vaping to a whole new level, the KangerTech Subox Mini is describable for its child-safety CL feature and also for its mobility which is made possible by a sole 18650 mAh powering. It’s praised for its outstanding clouds and also for its many wattages and temperature variations. This device is compatible with Nickel, Titanium, and NiChrome wires.

That round’s off our list but they are many good new vape modifications equally deserving of a place herein. These include the highly commendable Innokin iTaste Kroma-A which is equipped with a touchscreen, four daw options, and full customization functionality and the incredibly stylish Voopoo Drag which has just as much to offer performance wise as it does aesthetically.